hello gentlemen.
I am Ishika new here but i am not new into this industry. I used to do the esute which means happyending massage for several years. After that i have done delivery health for several years. After a lot of experience in this industry, I would prefer have some other experience so that I would prefer to meet some new clients from another side of this Earth.

My usual clients always describe me as yasashii woman which might means friendly in English. I am in my late 30s now so that I hope that our appointment will be like lovers dating, everything is non rushed. I am quite professionally at massage because i have done this for several years and i hope you are a gentleman.

I can visit your mansion or hotel in 30 mins after we confirm but I don't do incall that i can't let you visit me. After our first dating we can meet at train station like yokosuka-chuo but before that we can't do this. If you can not let me visit your home, it's ok that you book a love hotel first and tell me where you are. Don't worry that you will wait for me a long time, I can come in a short time after we confirm it.

I am also available in Tokyo but please make appointment with me in advance. I could come between 9am-midnight

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